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October 17 2013


6 Benefits of private security guards in Business Security

  • Having security guards will boost your customers' confidence in your business. They will feel protected and will appreciate that you invest time and money to make your business safe.
  • It also helps to eliminate some vulnerabilities of the business such as insufficient cameras, places prone to burglary or busy employees who can't always be on the lookout for any thefts. Security guards will make sure that everyone has an adequate behavior and that no damage will be done to the business, employees or customers.
  • It's cost-effective and reliable. Your employees have their own tasks to accomplish. Training them to ensure the security of the business will lower their time spent working. It would also be very inappropriate as safety is a delicate matter that should only be handled by professionals in the field.
  • Private security guards will scare off shoplifters. If you own a store, you won't lose goods because of thieves. The simple presence of security guards will keep them away as everyone knows that a guard is way more efficient than camera surveillance or standard security systems. Those can be fooled by skillful thieves, but a guard will always be on the lookout for any security breach.
  • According to the level of safety that you need, you could hire specialized services like http://www.firstsecurityservices.com for San Jose or http://www.lawdogsecurity.com/ for Chicago. You can choose to have armed or unarmed guards and all the procedures that he will be able to perform should a crime occur. Guards will not only be able to call the police and to detain criminals, but also to respond properly when faced with criminal activity.
  • A security guard can perform different tasks, not only patrolling and being on the lookout for criminals. He can monitor the cameras, restrict access to prohibited areas and make sure that nothing and nobody breaks the safety rules of the business. You can ask for customized services according to your specific needs.

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